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Digital assets are programmable, electronic data-based assets. The digitization of assets can be decentralized, reliable, traceable, highly transparent and intermediary-free with Blockchain technology. WoopMoney is the Binance Smart Chain Network’s best decentralized platform. WoopMoney will empower crypto-projects with tokens and liquidity increases.

WoopMoney easy inclusion of cryptocurrency payments which provide a high degree of payment protection because it uses cryptographic and block-chain payments, promising to make international payments (and other transactions) quick and secure, low-cost, by using encrypted distributed ledgers that ensure a reliable and effective verification of transactions without having to do so.

The smart agreement for the Lost Key Recovery System to restore lost tokens was proposed. Woopmoney plans to launch NFT Tokens, NFT Tokens and Crowdfunding Tokens (DeFi).

CertiK will conduct the audit. We will select one of the most reputable block-chain security technology businesses in the world, as well as one that is at the forefront of research and development. UPP’s participation in the UP Alliance illustrates the company’s dedication to smart contract code integrity, transparency, and value substantiation. CertiK audits can expose attacks and other security flaws in block-chain companies, but they don’t address the problems. The audit merely identifies them and provides companies with recommendations for closing security gaps.

WoopMoney Tokens have a total supply of 20000000000 20 billion, with Decimals(1-9): 9 of which the corporation owns 10% of all WoopMoney Tokens issued. These tokens are locked in order to assure our investors that we have the finest intentions and are committed to the project’s long-term success.

An automatic yield scheme ensures that all current holders receive 3% of every transaction. This approach substitutes traditional farming by rewarding holders by compounding their holdings without risk, staking, or having to remove money from their wallet.

Liquidity is provided at 5% of each transaction; it is critical to have high/enough liquidity to avoid extreme volatility, which could trigger price spikes in WoopMoney.

WoopMoney will be a steady market with little price changes because of its strong liquidity. This marketing wallet is important for the WoopMoneytoken, and it is the reason for its existence – this 2% will contribute as a valuable resource that can be used to push the agenda and spread the existence of WoopMoney through community-based decisions that are transparent and take this project to the next level.


WoopMoney is a cutting-edge, dependable, and adaptable payment token that gives you security and control over your funds. WoopMoney is available everywhere, at any time, and offers quick international transfers. WoopMoney is the safest payment option since it protects your identity and protects you from fraud.


We aspire to make the world a better and more secure place. Our objective is to build a next-generation all-in-one platform based on a decentralized block-chain that will enable everyone in the globe an equal chance to manage and enhance their financial security while also giving back to charity around the world while maintaining security.


WoopMoney’s mission is to provide economic opportunity to all shareholders while also working toward a world free of poverty and sickness, and a level playing field for all.

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