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Trivzia App Apk Gives You Money From First Live Show | Watch Video |

Trivzia App Apk is a new invention in the destiny of live game show in Pakistan. This is a very interesting and unique app which is compatible almost with you’re all android devices. The object of this app is to redefining mobile experience and piercing the monotony of social feeds through it is Pakistan first live mobile game show app in which participants can win in reality cash prizes daily. This is the very interesting thing that you can play a mobile game live in Pakistan and win against that play valuable prize on daily bases nobody can be really on that but it is true that you can win good prizes in that game. It is an epic multiplayer quiz game show app and people can play live contestants. The acclaimed host of the show asks interesting questions and people who participate in that game may win real money or prize in against if they give right answers to that questions. Trivia App is said to be a live reality show in others manners in Pakistan which give you not enjoy a fun but also make use of your knowledge win a lot of prizes or real money also.

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Trivia App is download from play store and installs in your android device after installation you will run and started it with your Phone verification through SMS procedure than you will receive the notification in which the Live Game Show notification prior is to its start. When you receive the notification you must remember the time of start and join the game on time after that the host of that live game show will questioning your self and you are bound to give these questions answered within 10 seconds if the time limit is out you can lose your lifeline total 2 lifelines were acceptable in game if a participant has a lifeline, it will be consumed automatically once a game except on the last question. The announcement of Prize Money will be distributed equally among all winners. You can send an invitation to your friends and family members with the referral code and win a Free lifeline when they join the game Trivia App is said to live reality quiz show in Pakistan which provide an equal opportunity of winning real money who participated in the game.

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Trivzia App Apk Features

Trivia App has their own bound features which make him very interesting a key and classic feature of the app is that you can win real money we describe other features in some following points which shows how much this app is interesting.

  • The app is downloading from Google Play Store
  • After the installation process, your phone is going under verification through SMS process
  • You will receive the Live Game Show notifications prior to its start.
  • Join the Game on time must
  • Answer these questions which are asked by game host
  • All these questions to claim the daily prize money
  • The prize money is distributed between all winners who participated in the game.
  • Referral code is sent to your friends and family and wins a free lifeline when they join the game.

Trivia App is made the impression like a reality show in which the participants face some hurdles after complete those difficult tasks win the prize but in this live game show, the tasks and hurdles come in the form of questioning which was answered by the participants. Hopefully, you will find this app and enjoy it and get more enjoyment after win the real money.

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