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A reliable and authentic rewards platform is TimeBucks Website. The business, which is owned by Australian Clearing Pty Ltd, takes pride in giving people the chance to receive rewards for activities they would normally perform on a regular basis, such as viewing movies, playing games, and more. TimeBucks is a fantastic tool to use if you have some free time to make a few additional money every day.

How Does TimeBucks Website Work?

Cost per acquisition is a method of affiliate marketing used by TimeBucks. In essence, this means that the business is paid in accordance with the duties you complete. The business rewards your engagement by giving you a portion of this income.

Timebucks Allows You To:

  • Sign up in 5 seconds to get paid right away.
  • Earn commissions for each person you suggest by referring them.
  • I’ll pay you every week using 6 different payment options.

Users of TimeBucks can access frank criticism and insight thanks to the company. They use this knowledge to design new goods and shape marketing strategies.

Other Ways to Make Money on TimeBucks


With the help of TimeBucks, you may use your Instagram account to earn money. The majority of these tasks entail following other people, and they barely pay a few cents apiece. However, it is a good approach to increase your income if you like to spend your leisure time on Instagram.

Clicking Ads

Given that you may get paid to click on adverts, this is a relatively easy activity. You must remain on the advertisement’s website for a predetermined amount of time, typically 60 seconds. You’ll make $0.006 for each click, but it’s a simple task.

Invite Friends

For each referral, you are eligible to receive 15% of the profits. You can recommend an unlimited number of people to the platform, and for each one that signs up, you’ll get $1.

Watch Videos

The most passive task on TimeBucks is this one. Even though you’ll only get paid between $0.001 and $0.005 per video, it is a simple method to get additional money if you enjoy viewing movies.

Download Apps

Using apps to download, play, and interact with them can potentially earn you money. Once more, this is not usually a lucrative hobby, but it can be entertaining to try out new apps.

Post on TikTok

The earning area has a whole section dedicated to TikTok assignments. You must adhere to the regulations and accept the terms before you can start. There is a lesson video for each choice, so you can be eligible. When you connect your TikTok account, a quality score is generated, which determines how much you’ll get.

Solve Captchas

Although this is a straightforward data work, TimeBucks review comments point out that it can be a little challenging at first. There is no restriction on how often you can participate in this assignment, which I found to be simple. If you can solve 20 captchas, you can earn $0.003.

Daily Bonuses

A bonus will be given to TimeBucks’ top five daily earners. Fifth place receives an additional $1, while first place receives $20.

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