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A new investment firm called Stable DAO Website is promoting a brand-new digital coin for large investors and promising a monthly return on investment. They anticipate that the coin will increase in value for their investors, allowing them to generate more money. Since the business is still extremely young, not many specifics about how they intend to make money are currently known. All we know is that the CEO has worked for previous businesses that have failed for a variety of reasons while offering a comparable business opportunity (with a lower entrance cost).

The assertion that the investment funds will be covered or insured by CitiBank, a well-known and well-liked bank that many of you are likely already familiar with, sticks out. This claim is being made despite the fact that I was unable to locate any supporting documentation on their website or online.

Best Offer Of Stable DAO Website

I will provide the information I discovered regarding the goods and services Stable DAO provides in this area of my review. It appears that they currently don’t offer anything else outside the early coin offering investment option to buy Stable DAO Website. They do seem to have a referral programe, which I shall discuss in the following section. After covering the services and/or goods, let’s move on.

How Do Members Make Money With Stable DAO Website?

I’ll go into more depth about the ways members can profit from StableDAO in this section of my review.

Members of StableDAO can earn money in 2 different ways:

  • The Investment Plan Profits
  • Program Commissions for Referrals

Getting Started And Investment Plans

Given how young the organisation is, there isn’t a lot of information available right now for investors who want to join Stable DAO Website. They are currently in the pre-launch phase. However, I was able to locate some details regarding the starting point for large investors. The investment plans are additionally supported by real estate investments. There was no information on the actual estate backing.

Currently, the three following investment plans are available for large investors to begin with:

  • Plan 1:– Joining this investing programme will cost you $500,000. An ROI of 1% more per month will be provided by this strategy.
  • Plan 2:– Joining this investment programme will cost $1,000,000 in total. An ROI of 2% more per month will be provided by this strategy.
  • Plan 3:– To participate in this investment programme, $5,000,000 is required. An ROI of 3% more every month will be provided by this strategy.

Referral Program Details

  • There is a referral commission offered by StableDAO.
  • The referral compensation plan’s structure is briefly described, however there are some specifics.
  • I also anticipate that there will be additional information soon.
  • I currently only know that the business will pay referrals $10 for each invested member.
  • This is all I have right now, but I’ll update this page if I learn of anything else.
  • Let’s move on now that the investment and referral techniques have been discussed.


I’ll offer my conclusions and a suggestion for the Stable DAO Website in the final half of my review. Hopefully, by this stage, I’ve provided you with all the information you require to decide whether Stable DAO Website is the best option for you.

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