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On the cost side of things, by annual and PCI payments alone, PayHub will charge you close to $200 a year. This is much more costly than any of their rivals, such as Square or Stripe. However, their human touch is the benefit PayHub has over these other processors. You’ll get a dedicated account rep who can manage any issues that your account faces. Often, since PayHub is not a payment aggregator, when a fraudulent transaction goes through, there is less risk of the funds being frozen. While less of a concern for small startups, for businesses that process a large number of transactions per month, this can become a regular occurrence.

PayHub provides two fee models for processing, but one is decidedly more competitive than the other. The 2.79 percent + $0.25 flat price is lower than some other online-only processors, such as Stripe. The interchange plus pricing, however, comes with a rather high 0.40 percent markup. That’s over twice what would be paid by some other processors. For instance, on top of interchange, Helcim charges their customers only a 0.18 percent markup.

Nevertheless, it’s hard to recommend one plan over the other. The rates posted on the PayHub website are just samples. They will, in fact, work on an individual basis with companies to decide the actual cost. For instance, for a retail clothing business that is brand new and without sales, we obtained a quote. In such a scenario, as opposed to the 0.40 percent posted online, we were quoted a 0.50 percent markup above interchange. You can be able to get more competitive rates if you run a more developed company.

PayHub is a good choice if you are a business owner whose goal is to get better customer service and detailed reporting features, and not even the lowest prices around. The added human touch of getting a dedicated account rep can make a major difference for mid-to-large sized organisations, albeit costly. It may be worth considering PayHub if the idea of having your accounts frozen for a few days and having to deal with online support tickets or call centres sounds terrible to you.

For those who are only interested in the online reporting functions of the company, PayHub also provides a Gateway-only package. The Gateway plans start at $9.95 per month, and will adjust, much like their payment processing business, depending on your needs and your business. A big advantage that PayHub advertises is its Virtual Hub, an online framework for reporting. It provides a solid range of features, including customer service, recurring billing, personalised receipts, the ability to handle multiple employee accounts, and a set of fraud detection tools to tackle items such as chargebacks.

To give companies a clearer understanding of what the actual cost of processing their payments could be with the plans listed on the website of PayHub, we modelled each for a few different volumes of monthly sales. We took the annual fee and PCI-compliance fee into account. We assumed an average interchange fee of 2.2 percent + $0.22 for the purposes of our estimate, and an average transaction size of $100. This often bakes in different costs of assessment.

PayHub Features

PayHub is a credit card processor and retailer account provider with an online focus. With various pricing choices, it offers two plans. For flat pricing or an exchange plus model, you can sign up. The rates posted below, and those on the website of PayHub, are samples only. Depending on the type of company you run, how long you’ve been in business, and how many payments you process each month, your actual prices can vary.

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