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One of the best speech-to-text apps out there, Otter Website essentially allows users to record and transcribe audio conversations. It is accessible on desktop, Android, and iOS devices, and a trial period is offered to new users. Every facet of this well-liked application has been examined in this evaluation of the otter website. It is inexpensive, logical, and incredibly simple to use. Additionally, our Website is appropriate for everyone, even independent contractors and others who need to record and summarise group chats or meetings.

Plans And Pricing

Three plans are available on the otter website, and each one has a different set of tools and capabilities. Users who sign up for the free Basic membership, which is the most basic one offered, can record up to 600 minutes of audio each month. After that, you can play it back, export it as text, or alter it using a number of programmes. There is also a speaker identification feature.

If paid annually, a Premium subscription costs $8.33 per user per month ($9.99 with monthly payments). Along with a number of more sophisticated capabilities, you’ll get up to 6000 minutes of audio recording. The final cost is $12.50 per month per user for a Teams subscription(opens in new tab; $14.99 with monthly payments). Every feature of the Premium subscription is included, in addition to team administration tools like user statistics and centralised billing.


A wide variety of features. To begin with, it gives customers the option to record and have conversations automatically transcribed on their computer or phone. Additionally, it is able to distinguish between several speakers and identify them.

Users of the otter website can manage and amend transcriptions right inside the app. Images and other content can be included right into transcriptions, and audio recordings can be played back at various rates. Even audio and video files can be imported for transcription.


It is really simple to set up a new otter Website account, and it shouldn’t take more than a few minutes. All you have to do to get going is register for a free account. You have the option of connecting using your Apple, Google, or Microsoft login or creating a new account by providing some simple personal information.

You must also download the Otter app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store if you use Otter on a smartphone. Simply log into your new account on desktop devices to begin enjoying the online interface. If you encounter any difficulties, a thorough getting started guide is also available.


The user interface of the otter website is extremely well-designed and simple to use. The required tools are included, including buttons for recording, importing, and keeping track of recent activities. You may also access a brief tutorial from the main dashboard that will walk you through the fundamentals.

Past recordings and files that have been shared with you can both be accessed via the menu on the left side of the screen. Users can build and manage groups and folders and use the built-in search bar to locate specific chats.


The performance of the otter website is excellent, with minimum waiting time and quick, precise voice-to-text transcriptions. Without a microphone or headset when we tested it on a laptop, it was still able to distinguish between speakers clearly and almost flawlessly. When several persons are speaking at once, problems can occur, but that is to be expected.

The additional processing tools available on the Otter Website are also excellent. The program runs smoothly, and the editing procedure is simple. Similar to how it’s easy to upload and edit existing audio and video files. Depending on your internet connection, even huge files can be imported quickly after which you can save, edit, or convert them from audio to text. It’s important to note that Otter will never save any video data—even when you upload video files—only the audio.


otter Website only allows online ticket submission for support issues. Questions can be submitted via the contact page, and any subsequent communication will take place via email. Paying customers will receive preferential support, it should be noted.

As an alternative, Otter’s FAQ section and quick start guide are both excellent sources. You will probably find the answers to a variety of frequently asked questions on the FAQ page helpful when you first start off. In a similar vein, the fast start guide offers detailed information on all of the program’s capabilities.

Final verdict

It’s challenging to find anything wrong with Otter overall. This speech-to-text transcription programme is incredibly well-liked, and for good reason. Its user interface is quite nicely made, and getting started only requires a few minutes.

Additionally, Otter is accessible from both desktop and mobile platforms. It excels in performance, is adaptable, and has a number of high-end features. If you have issues, customer assistance may be delayed, but if you upgrade from a free plan, you will receive priority service. Otter is actually a fantastic option for anyone searching for a voice-to-text transcription program.

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