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Onward Capital Environmental Holding is a creative organisation that has specialised in the creation and deployment of technology for many years to help mitigate harmful environmental pollution and make our Planet a healthier, more comfortable and safer place to live.

By investing in eco-fields such as developing new renewable energy sources, updating and improving existing alternative renewable energy sources, selling and building renewable energy generation facilities, developing new and improving existing facilities for industrial recycling lines, developing concepts and technologies for the construction of autonomous eco-cities, we think about future generations.

Investment insurance is considered to be one of the key forms of insurance whose aim is to cover, and raise, the monetary capital of the insurer against the risk of loss. An successful participant in the deposit insurance scheme is Onward Money. An investor who invests funds in an enterprise needs to make sure that assets are covered against the risk of force majeure, such as political crises and civil wars in the investment country; the risk of nationalisation of the enterprise in which the capital has been invested; a sharp decline in the country’s GDP; an increase in inflation; an unsatisfactory balance of payments;

ONWARD CAPITAL owes its birth and business prosperity to the founder of Onward Capital, Oscar Finnigan, and his six-year business pilgrimage through hundreds of nations, including both environmental conservation champions and nations that continue to do great harm to our planet’s ecosystem.

Oscar Finnigan gained expertise, ideas and vision of what the environment of the future could be like during his world trip, and it formed the foundation for the creation of possibly the best company in the world specialising in the creation and implementation of the most efficient eco-technologies in the field of renewable energy sources, recycling, eco-cities and eco-cities growth.It was precisely the start-up conceived and introduced by Oscar Finnigan’s talent (aimed at creating a new generation of high-concentration photovoltaic modules) that became the cornerstone of Onward Capital’s financial stability, motivated by the international success of his first eco-investment start-up.

The specific case-by-case development of the idea and implementation of green technology in a separate administrative territory is another form of our work.

Our principles of energy independence, which dramatically reduce energy consumption by reducing energy losses during the generation and delivery of energy carriers to the final customer, are becoming open not only to individual suppliers and business partners, but also to entire cities whose populations want to see themselves as a single, comprehensive and harmoniously evolving eco-organism capable of protecting themselves. Our integrated approach to technology development for the construction of eco-cities projects, the functioning of which is focused on the decentralisation of capacity generation, makes this form of business viable and promising, demonstrating yearly growth in demand and profitability.

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