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The Share Matrix framework of The Lion is a framework of follow-me. That means you’re never going to miss someone whom you talk to directly. Some services encourage you to do all the effort to convince others to sign up, but only your recommendations will be forwarded on to someone or the organisation often. This is not the case for Lion’s Share. If you don’t buy a product, the next person on the upline who is entitled to gain on the product will receive all commissions received on the package. You will be granted your own affiliate connexion after you sign up, so you can direct anyone to Lion’s Share. There is no cap to the amount of money you receive, or the individuals you refer to. You are only allowed to buy a kit until you receive it indefinitely. Each time you cycle within the L1 and L2, a new matrix will be opened which will allow you to continue earning.

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A Peer to Peer committee system is Lion’s Share. This ensures that anytime a commission is owed to you, all fees are charged immediately and directly to your ETH pocket. The smart contract for Lion’s Share is self-operating and automatic. There is no guarantee that a corporation or admin will receive a fee. That will be sent to your ETH wallet automatically. Both the L1 Matrix and the L2 Matrix demand that you only buy each kit once. You will immediately unlock a new matrix if you spin on each product in the L1 or L2 and you will be able to benefit from the matrix again without having to buy it again.
There is no restriction to how many days you will go cycling. That ensures that as long as there are new transactions happening in the process, there is no limit on the value you will receive on any bundle. When you are set, you can update your L1 and L2 packages at any time you choose. Without missing a programme, you must move from one programme to the next. If you do not own a product, the next person on your upline who is entitled to earn on that product will collect any commissions received on the package. To update your L2 packages, with your L1 packages you must be within half the reach. For eg, you can upgrade to the 8th packages in L2 if you own 4 packages at the L1. If you own 5 packages in L1, you can upgrade to the 10th package in L2 as another example.

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Benefits Of Lion’s Share Website

  • Lion’s Share is a forum for a peer to peer structure. Both fees go to affiliates directly! You’ll NEVER get your funds mismanaged by a corporation!
  • How many times has a corporation altered a pay package, and only the organisation benefited? NO Will! NEVER the Smart contract can be changed.
  • On a blockchain, all transactions can be verifiable. All the purchases of ALL shareholders can be displayed, so you know precisely how the business is growing.
  • Duplication is key in any undertaking. We have built a basic technique that everybody can work with. To receive your Lion’s Share, there is no recruitment needed. If you recommend someone you gain sooner, but that’s not a prerequisite.
  • During the signup process, we do not gather any of your personal information. No KYC data has ever been obtained. This is your company and your business.
  • We also built a Smart Contract using the most sophisticated programming team and state of the art technologies that can never be manipulated or broken into. It is located and is protected directly on the Blockchain.
  • You can make businesses everywhere in the world. No limit is set on the number of individuals or territorial boundaries you can meet. There are no boundaries. That’s a WORLD business.
  • You should start collecting your Lion’s share regardless of your present financial condition!

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