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Earn money online with a computer or a smartphone by viewing websites, clicking on links, liking, reposting, and subscribing. Withdraw the funds in a manner that you like. We are ready to give high-quality targeted traffic, clicks on links and adverts, increased visit depth, and the time visitors spend on the website to advertisers that want to promote their site. We also provide extensive social media promotion, including likes, reposts, comments, votes, subscriptions, and the installation of apps and games. Geographic and demographic targeting, as well as detailed statistics.

Ways Of Earning Money

  • Sites Surfing, Link Clicking: Make money on IPweb by doing easy stuff like surfing or browsing!
  • Making Money By Social Media: To earn up to 0.63 rubles for one task, like and subscribe. You might also use the funds to publicise your profile or group!
  • Payable Mailing: Read your emails in your inbox or on IPweb Surf for around 0.09 rubles each letter read!
  • Referral inviting: For each reference who orders a promotion on a specific amount, we pay between 50 and 550 rubles! Furthermore, we promise you 7% of your referral’s earnings if he uses the platform to make money. Use our affiliate programme to earn money while you sleep!

How To Perform Tasks In Social Networks?

It’s not allowed:

  • After accepting cash for entering a community, to leave it
  • After receiving payment, unsubscribe from channels and accounts
  • After receiving payment, to remove your like
  • To remove entries from your page that have been paid to repost.
  • If you break these guidelines, your account will be penalised or blocked for a sum greater than the cost of performing the work 3-10 times.

How To Earn More

To receive premium-class assignments in social networks with double payment, you must have at least 50 friends with a filled avatar on each account in VKontakte, Facebook, and Odboklassniki, and at least three friends with a filled avatar in Instagram, Twitter, and My World@Mail.Ru. You must have no more than 800 subscribers on YouTube.

Benefits Of The ipWeb Site

Quick Result: On the day of the order, you can get the proper amount of traffic, whether it’s website visits, social media followers, views, or likes. Create an ad campaign, fund your account with any amount, and you’ll have your first visitors in minutes.

Real Users: We only provide 100% real live traffic with no bots and an automatic traffic boost. Because our users are genuine people, any counters or analytics systems will appropriately record their behaviours, and your social networks will not be restricted.

Detailed Settings: You can target visitors based on their location, gender, and age, and receive only the traffic you desire. You can also customise the site’s browsing depth, exact paths and ad clicks, the bounce rate, and impression times by weekday and hour.

Low Prices: A single visit to your site costs $0.0014, whereas other forms of advertising start at $1 a click. IPweb is the most cost-effective method of attracting live traffic.

Support: Professional technical help is available to aid in the creation of advertising campaigns as well as the tracking of their results.

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