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Intelligence Prime Capital Website Is An AIA Bot Trading System

The website of Intelligence Prime Capital is a Fintech company that is officially formed in Canada under the Business Corporations Act, Reg No: 1307196-1. It is also governed by the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) and MSB USA in the United States. (Everything can be checked.) Forex Expo Africa EXPOSHOW International awarded Intelligence Prime Capital Website Best New Broker of the Year 2021/2022. They also have a licence for digital asset management. IPCAPITAL will formally launch their worldwide financial products and digital asset trading platform in 2021, giving global users a one-stop shop for a variety of financial services. Intelligence prime capital allows everyone, regardless of skill level, to profit from daily trades. You go to bed and wake up to the sight of money on your MT4.

The Intelligence Prime Capital team has developed three AI Bots that trade the financial market after five years of research and development:

  • The Smart Bot
  • The Brilliant Bot and
  • The Genius Bot

Trading the Financial Market with the Genius Bot, which delivers the finest profits. On average, it returns 1 to 2 percent every day on investment. Isn’t it too good to be true? Yes, however it is accurate since, rather than using one’s hand to choose a transaction at any moment, a robot (bot) would do the task for you at the most profitable time.

The bot understands the ideal moment to execute trades, which may be when one is sound sleeping, which may be uncomfortable for some, but it makes our lives easier. You may expect a weekly return on investment (ROI) of roughly 5% with the Artificial Intelligence IP capital. Monday through Friday. Intelligence prime capital is a one-stop shop for increasing your earnings while sleeping soundly. The AIA BOT System has a 97 percent average win rate after several months of testing.

How To Works On Intelligence Prime Capital?

The Intelligence Prime Capital website will try to persuade you to send money by offering you high profits on investments in Forex, AIA BOT System, IPchain, or IPcloud.

The broker, on the other hand, is solely interested in extracting money from individuals and offering nothing in return. IPC could be attempting to conduct a Ponzi scam, or they could simply be stealing money and laughing about it. But it makes no difference; what matters is that you do not send them anything because it is a fraud.

Intelligence Prime Capital Website Features

  • IPC offers a trustworthy bot that produces money for you.
  • You prevent losing your hard-earned cash by trading alone.
  • It relieves you of the worry of constantly checking your trade.
  • You’ve set realistic financial goals for the coming year.
  • They are open and honest, with customer service that includes live chat.
  • You are able to withdraw your funds without difficulty.


We established in this review that Intelligence Prime Capital is an unlawful broker and a scam. This firm should be avoided at all costs. You may always try a free demo with a regulated company if you’re interested in legitimate investing. You will be given virtual money to experiment with. Before you invest real money, make sure you fully understand the dangers and have a strategy in place.

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Intelligence Prime Capital Website

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