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FXCopy Trading Site is an automated trading app that allows you to simply set up a profile with your trading preferences, then sit back and watch the magic happen. You can find traders who suit your strategy through our database of successful traders. Or you can also follow top traders on social media, allowing for more choice in your search. Just pick a trader or multiple traders, set up your account, and get started!

Our innovative platform will enable you to monitor live trades made by all your copy trades – this ensures that even if they are offline, you won’t miss any trades being made! We’ll also send alerts when new trades are available, so that way no trade is missed! You can simply join or leave existing teams whenever you wish.

So Why Copy Trading?

Copy Trading removes the complexities of trading. You don’t have to develop your strategy or conduct in-depth research into the markets, you simply need time to monitor trades and allocate funds. With our platform, all you need is an app on your phone! There are no apps needed for your computer making it simple and easy to stay up-to-date with active traders who are performing well.

Our service allows you to follow top traders without any costs or commissions – maximizing returns for investors! Signing up is quick and easy, simply head over to our website where you can set up a free account in minutes! We’ll send various updates and alerts so that way we keep you informed on all new trades.

You can also see the history of all your previous trades – allowing you to make adjustments as necessary. With FXCopy Trading Site, there is no need for a separate account as our platform takes care of everything!

FXCopy Trading Site Features

  • Copy-trading of forex and Crypto
  • Trade with FXCOPY users automatically
  • Select your own or follow other traders automatically
  • Automated copy trading made it easy for everybody
  • One of the advantages of joining an FXCOPY TRADING app is that there are no complicated procedures when copying trades from your friends or other traders. Once you sign up, simply copy a friend’s trade by selecting a user and click ‘Copy.’
  • If you are looking for an alternative way to earn money, then currency trading is the one for you. Make your fortune in currency exchange by using leading currency trading software or app where others have already done so successfully before you. With currency trading now being accepted worldwide, it has opened the doors to many people who are interested now more than ever to try their luck at currency trading.
  • You might have come across a friend who is always bragging about their earnings in forex trading, and you probably wonder how they do it. This may leave you thinking of what strategies they use to achieve such success in trading or stick with one single strategy for a long time. Many successful traders have been practicing several strategies before settling on just one. They also started small but kept following the best practices when it comes to market analysis before eventually getting good at it.

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