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We never consider our difficulties to be a disadvantage. Instead, it’s critical that we recognize that our experience fighting and conquering hardship is one of our greatest assets when it comes to effective money management.

Investing Your Money Wisely

It’s a simple way to get started with Fast Group investment. You don’t need to go through a lengthy procedure. To get started, there are only three simple steps. After that, the initial register chooses to deposit a quantity that you can afford and, at the very least, withdraw your profit on a regular basis.


Fast Group offers simple and transparent profit strategies to attract investors and increase profits.

Package Investment Plan Profit
Silver Rs.30000 Monthly Forever 7% – 15%
Gold Rs.100000 Monthly Forever 7% – 15%
Emerald Rs.400000 Monthly Forever 7% – 15%
Ruby Rs.700000 Monthly Forever 7% – 15%
Saphere Rs.2000000 Monthly Forever 8% – 15%
Crown Rs.5000000 Monthly Forever 8% – 15%
Royal Rs.10000000 Monthly Forever 8% – 15%

As an Affiliate Partner, Here’s What You’ll Get

Here’s a chance to join a variety of affiliate programmes. You can earn affiliate level bonuses at seven different levels by using this feature. Furthermore, you will be able to make a profit by working on a commission basis.


The Referral Commission and Membership Levels are divided into eight categories, as shown below.

Level Bonus Gen.Bonus
LEVEL 1 Level Bonus – 10% Gen. Bonus – 8%
LEVEL 2 Level Bonus – 2% Gen. Bonus – 6%
LEVEL 3 Level Bonus – 1.5% Gen. Bonus – 5%
LEVEL 4 Level Bonus – 1.5% Gen. Bonus – 4%
LEVEL 5 Level Bonus – 1% Gen. Bonus – 3%
LEVEL 6 RLevel Bonus – 1% Gen. Bonus – 2%
LEVEL 7 Level Bonus – 0.75% Gen. Bonus – 1%
LEVEL 8 Level Bonus – 0.5% Gen. Bonus – 1%

Why Should You Choose Us to Boost Your Money??

Our service provides you with superior results and savings based on your needs, and you may manage your assets from anywhere, at any time, whether at home or at work.

Daily Income: Allowances are given based on daily profit on our site.
Facility of Quick Payment: Don’t be concerned about payment concerns because we provide a rapid payment option.
Easy To Use: The design of our web application is built on user-friendly application concepts.
High Security: SSL encryption protects our website (fully secured).
Payment Gateways: Customers from all over the world will appreciate the simplicity of many payment gateway integrations.
24/7 Support: Our honourable consumers will benefit from our services and the availability of capable team members.

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