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EtherConnect is an investment opportunity that offers promised monthly ROI benefits as well as an MLM chance. EtherConnect is the new face of BitConnect, according to the company website, which was of great interest when it was in use. Bitconnect was attended by many large online marketers and a lot of people gained a great deal from this program.

What happened was that the SEC was shut down by its uncertain securities. The Government from different countries followed the owners of the company and the large net winners, who made great profits. It was a major scandal and the members left wondering whether they would receive legal documents. I’m not sure why any company would join a company which was deeply involved in Ponzi Scheme and left many people with money?

Company Details

I like to know who the owners are when I look at information about any enterprise with which I can make money online. This gives me a glimpse of their business experience and history. I usually don’t join any company if I discover that the owners of a company have spent money on people or that I find out that they have a history of failure. That said, there is no information about who owns or runs the company’s website.

In general, the company has no difficulty or difficulty releasing its information on a company about page if it is a firm and a legitimate company. Moreover, it is more professional to have information about owners on a page. I tried to see if I could find out who the owner is looking for the domain name.

  • On December 1, 2021, the domain name “” was registered.
  • The domain name has been privately registered

I was unable to determine who owns the domain name because it was registered privately. It doesn’t appear to be looking good based on the facts I’ve gathered thus far. Let’s look at the things they have to offer now that we have that knowledge.

EtherConnect Site Features

  • I’ll go over the products and services EtherConnect has to offer in this section of my EtherConnect review.
  • I was unable to identify any products or services that the firm offers other than the money-making potential after examining the company website.
  • The only thing you can do is enrol as an affiliate member and earn money on the EtherConnect investment you make.

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