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Cryptos OTC Website is a cryptocurrency and blockchain OTC exchange platform. We’re dedicated to increasing the liquidity of blockchain assets and allowing more people to participate in the sector. We give consumers a more open and secure trading environment, employ AI-powered algorithms to match users with the best orders, and continue to provide you with benefits. We are concentrating on developing a reliable cryptocurrency exchange platform and forming partnerships with over 3000 OTC traders throughout the world. It is currently the largest OTC exchange in the world.


Our encrypted transaction system combines a secure transaction mechanism with unique point-to-point transmission technology, a real-time clearing engine, a smart digital wallet, an extremely high network security system, a cross-exchange optimal price exchange engine, and other blockchain technologies to create a secure transaction system. The AI intelligent algorithm is utilised to assign the optimal order for you automatically. By simply operating authorization, you may automate all activities such as digital currency delivery and two-way acceptance. To protect the safety of your funds, the platform guarantees the transaction. All settlements will be completed within a few hours, and your income and capital will be automatically settled to your account by the real-time clearing engine system.


COTP offers the highest level of security when it comes to any hazards associated with cryptocurrency trading through an exchange. We also offer immediate customer service assistance for any issues that users may have during transactions.

KYC:- KYC ID verification is used on our platform to ensure that users are who they say they are. To limit the risk of fraud and money laundering, Jumio Netverify technology performs this verification. Bittrex, localbitcoins, and cryptopay are just a few of the global cryptocurrency trading platforms that employ it. In order to maintain data confidentiality, COTP does not store user information obtained from Jumnio. The system is in charge of validating identity automatically.

WALLET:- We collaborated with top developers to develop a structured wallet that allows users to keep their assets in hot, warm, and cold wallets at the same time. This not only increases the security of your assets, but it also produces liquidity for more efficient transactions.

Instant Customer Service Support:- COTP has gained clout by employing technologies that enables customer support employees to reply to inquiries in 5 to 15 minutes. Its purpose is to resolve any issues that consumers have within 24 hours. Ordinary exchanges usually receive a response within 3-5 business days.

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