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A Web 3 Professional Network called Bondex is dedicated to upending the supply and demand for skills in the blockchain sector. By aligning the incentives of all participants in the talent markets, our novel distributed business model uses tokenized rewards to optimise the hiring process, resulting in greater transparency and engagement than the existing legacy talent platforms.

As of December 2021, Bondex has more than 300,000 members and was powered by its own cryptocurrency, BNDX. The first professional network to use blockchain and gamification in a unified end-to-end experience across crucial aspects of finding and managing personnel, developing a professional profile, and providing educational opportunities, all inside a special tokenized revenue-sharing model.

The Bondex Talent Network helps businesses locate and hire the best talent by making it easier, safer, and less expensive for people to trade their talents and time for money. On the supply side, it gives professionals with the ability to trade their services to businesses and monetize their data and professional networks, better professional and financial options.

Bondex Origin Mission

Our goal is to establish a decentralised worldwide community where professionals may network, find work, remain educated, pick up new skills, forge beneficial connections, and support one another in their endeavours. Our goal is to democratise professional opportunities and talent access, resulting in a more effective global labour market. Our Web 3 network creates a new paradigm by increasing revenues shared among employing organisations and the global talent pool, better aligning incentives for long-term growth, and changing the economic model of a professional network—a network that is partially owned and governed by its user community.

What Is The BNDX Token?

Our native currency is BNDX, a utility and governance token. The BNDX tokens will be given out as incentives to thank our users for using the network, making referrals, expanding our community, creating content, working hard, and vesting.

Uses of the token include:

  • Data dissemination and monetization
  • Network incentives and rewards
  • Governance

How To Join?

Perform Easy Tasks As Described Below.

  • Install and open the Bondex Origin application.
  • Click the sign-up button to open a brand-new Bondex Origin account.
  • Submit Referral Code: CCPNU.
  • Verify your Bondex Origin account by checking your email.
  • Open your Bondex Origin account and log in.
  • Complete your Bondex Origin profile by tapping on the Profile tab.
Withdrawal: Info in video (watch above)
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Payment: Info in video (watch above)

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