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AutoFX Website is a forex trading robot, however this time you have the option of choosing any broker. They employ their own broker, therefore money is completely out of your control, as it is with the IPC Trading bot. Expert Moment also gives you the option of choosing a broker, but recommends Infinox. You must use any broker that supports MT4 or MT5 as your trading platform. After paying the activation cost, you can begin trading with $100, but the business suggests a $200 equity for safer investments. Autofx doesn’t simply enter trades when it sees a good entrance; it does so whenever it sees a decent entry, which lowers the risk and loss percentage. The robot was created by an Indian team and tested for three months before being released.

AIA Bots is long-lasting and consistent, resulting in a higher ROI of 5.70 percent for the Genius bot and at least 2.43 percent for the Smart bot. You may sit back, relax, and get a consistent flow of daily profits with a minimum deposit of $200. You can also make a living by advertising the firm and receiving bot system subscriptions and management bonuses. Register now and let’s work together to earn money.

How To Get Started On AutoFX Website?

  • Create an account and download the Autofx app.
  • Choose a broker, complete the registration process, be verified, and open an MT4 or MT5 account. I endorse Infinox since they used it to test their trade for three months. Infinox is a ten-year-old broker based in the United Kingdom. Myfxchoice is another broker to consider.
  • After you’ve created your account, activate it and provide your MT4/5 credentials to Autofx so it can begin trading.

Basic Features

  • You are completely hands-free and on autopilot, which means all you have to do is watch and withdraw your money anytime you choose.
  • The cost of an annual subscription is $80.
  • You can use any broker you want, which means you have complete control over your funds.

AIA Trading Capital And Profit

  • The minimum trade capital is $200, plus a $20 gas fee, for a total of $220.
  • The average profit target at the end of the month varies based on whether you’re utilising Genius or Starter.
  • With the company, there is a 20/80 profit share ratio.
  • As with the Crypto currency trading robot, there is no floating loss and no selection of currency pairs.
  • This is a four-day trading profit on a $286.

How To Activate AutoFX Website?

  • To access your back-office, either log in as an existing user or register as a new user.
  • Request a wallet by clicking the button.
  • To purchase a fund, click the Buy button.
  • Copy your USDT wallet address and send 90USDT TRC network or 110USDT TRC network if you want to trade right now. Because they don’t have access, the 20USDT is for gas. They will deduct a percentage of the gas fee from your finances. If the gas fee falls below $10, you will be refunded up to $20 or any amount.
  • Input the amount you sent and paste the transaction ID after transferring USDT. In the case of a BINANCE transfer, paste the Internal transaction ID.
  • Take a screenshot of your completed transaction and upload it.
  • Click request
  • After that, wait 5 minutes for your account to be reimbursed.
  • Account is active when you click it.
  • A new account is now active.
  • Click activate

Are Forex Trading Bots Profitable?

Yes, they are profitable, but some argue that it is only for a limited time because robots are programmed to follow trends and perform within a set of parameters. A sharp price change can wipe out any gains achieved in the short term. That is why AutoFx is here to protect you, as specific perimeters have been set in place on the ground to checkmate surges. They have a robust risk management system in place.

What Is The Best Forex Robot?

There are some good forex robots out there, but I can only speak for the ones I’ve used. For the time being, AutoFx trading bot is the finest for me; it has a decent structure, similar to that of an expert moment.
When it comes to expert moments, they arrived in Africa with many eager to get started, but their sluggishness in tightening the nuts cost them members to AutoFx.

Is It True That Forex Robots Work?

Yes, they perform admirably. AutoFx works in the same way as many others. Forex trading is a very risky profession, and to trade successfully, you must be an expert. That is why many individuals rely on robots to achieve success. Robots are tools, and their results are determined by how they are used.

Is It Possible To Generate Money Using A Forex Robot?

Forex robots are faster than humans in analysing forex price movement. Every forex trading method carries some risk, but AutoFx appears to be the best.

What does the AutoFx forex bot cost?

Every business has its own price; some fx firms charge upwards of $200, but they can’t match to the results that AutoFx provides. Autofx is only $90 in total, with trading starting at $100 and above. The cost of gas is $20.


Don’t hand over your hard-earned cash to Autofx; instead, let me grow it for you in the comfort and safety of your own broker. This is a nice mine; we’ve discovered an opportunity worth pursuing. If you take it seriously, it will define your 2022. When you assess your trading results at the end of the month, you will have between 30 and 80 percent. As you can see, this is a real-time trading firm, not a Ponzi scam.

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